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The Data Visualizer - HTML/Dynamic Solution Samples

The Data Visualizer can use the viewer to create dynamic HTML-based solution files. The viewer can contain HTML objects that use VB Script or JavaScript to create GUIs, manipulate data, and interact with ActiveX and COM components. Dynamic solution files can be used to create applications that can be freely distributed to users who can use them with the free Array Viewer.

The following image illustrates a solution file that contains the data and plot for f(x,y) = cos(d*pi)/exp(dk) where d = abs(x,y) and k is the drop off value. The data set and corresponding plot can be manipulated by changing the value in the Dropoff Value field. All of the code for updating the data and plot is contained within the HTML object which is embedded in the solution file. (The complete solution file for this illustration is available at AVsinecompute.h5 )

Dynamic Data Visualizer Solution

Dynamic HTML pages in solution files can also make calls to interact with O-Matrix and other ActiveX or COM servers. The following image illustrates a solution file that uses VBScript to gather input from the end-user, call O-Matrix to perform a calculation and then create a surface plot.

Dynamic Data Visualizer Solution

(The complete solution files for these illustrations are available in the samples directory of the Data Visualizer distribution)

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