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The Data Visualizer - A Platform for Analytical Collaboration

The Data Visualizer provides an excellent platform for sharing and communicating analytical results. The solution files created by the Data Visualizer can contain plots, the numerical values related to your analysis, and embedded HTML pages that can be used to provide explanatory text for your analysis or dynamic, script-driven GUIS. Solution files are stored in a compact, binary form, or as an XML text file. Solution files can be previewed, edited, and manipulated using the free Array Viewer. Users are not required to own an O-Matrix license to use the Array Viewer or solution files.

The following image illustrates a solution file that contains the data and plots created from several time-series analysis samples. Opening the file in the viewer you can review the plots and data used to create the plots. This example only includes the data that are used to create the plots, but the Data Visualizer also enables you to include other data in your solution file. Also, the solution files includes embedded HTML files to give an overview of the entire solution file, and a page to describe an individual example.

Data Visualizer Collaboration Example

(The complete solution file for this illustration is available at STSAExamples.h5)

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