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The Data Visualizer - Plot Samples

The Data Visualizer for O-Matrix supports a broad range of plot types including: XY plots, image plots, contour plots, 2D vector plots, surface plots, XYZ plots, quad mesh plots, poly list plots, and DHTML-based dynamic plots. Plots may be created with commands in O-Matrix and then manipulated and modified within the viewer, or plots may be created directly from the viewer. This page presents a few of the plot types that created with the Data Visualizer. Additional examples are available in the samples directory of the distribution.

The following image is the final frame of an animation that is produced by running a script in O-Matrix that calculates the logarithm of a 2D FFT and then adds an increasing amount of noise to the surface. The image also includes a tooltip menu which is displayed when the cursor is held over the plot. The tooltip displays the name of the plot, the value of the point where the cursor is located, and the i,j entry in the underlying data set for the selected point. (The files FFTanimation.oms for creating this illustration is available in the samples directory of the Data Visualizer distribution. The file FFTanimation.h5 which is the final result of the solution can be downloaded from: FFTanimation )

Data Visualizer Surface Plot with Tooltip

The interactive plot editing capabilities simplify the creation of graphs that require a lot of customization. For example, if you enter
x = {1, 2, 3}
y = [{1, 2, 3}, {1, 4, 9}]
avplot("/Simple Plot", x, y)

at the O-Matrix prompt, the viewer will display the following XY plot which can then be fully customized using the interactive viewer dialogs.

Array Viewer XY Plot

The Data Visualizer enables you to create plots of irregularly spaced data, that is O-Matrix generated data sets can be used to define the vertices of the plot grid. The plot can be manipulated, scaled, rotated and customized interactively.

Array Viewer Quad Mesh Plot

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