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What Our Customers are Saying About O-Matrix ...

  • “O-Matrix’ performance enables me to do Mesoscale Meteorological Flow over Terrain modeling which required a supercomputer a decade ago”
    - Dr Warwick Grace

  • "I use O-Matrix for computationally intensive numerical mathematics in projects about
    plasma physics and engineering. The reasonable O-Matrix price has made it very
    affordable, and the outstanding execution performance has relieved me from the need to code in
    C/C++ for most of my projects."
    - Mario Charro, PhD., - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

  • "I really think that you have a winner here. I love the interface... much nicer than Matlab"
    - William G. Houston - Qualcomm Inc.

  • "O-Matrix is so clear and intelligent, that I could never change to a tool like MATLAB"
    - Dr. Volker Haak

  • "O-Matrix has improved the quality of the models that are created and decreased the time necessary to create the final product."
    - Jerry L. Conners, Bureau of Corrective Actions, NDEP

  • "O-Matrix is a must-have addition to your library of mathematical/statistical programming languages. It is far easier to use and much faster than the most of the competition. Using O-Matrix will reduce the amount of time you spend on prototyping new algorithms and will eliminate complex program book-keeping. I immensely enjoy using O-Matrix. It has now become my programming language of choice for research and classroom instruction and I recommend it without reservation."
    - Dr. Dimitrios D. Thomakos, Dept. of Economics, Florida International University.

  • "I recommend it wholeheartedly to people who need to rapidly obtain solutions in the challenging industrial environment of today."
    - Dr. Ben Rickman, Ultra Electronics PLC

  • "The O-Matrix ability to link end user created DLL files enables us to maintain compatibility with the code we already have, and enables accessibility to external hardware devices. This approach proved to be significantly easier than the Matlab MEX facilities."
    - Hiroshi Nishimura, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • "I have found a strong point of O-Matrix to be its excellent balance between useful features and simplicity, combined with a very well written manual"
    - Dr. Bruce A. Wade, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Wisconsin

  • "This version is something one can get excited about. I would whole heartedly recommend it to students, scientists, engineers, and other professionals."
    - Dr. Dipen N. Sinha - Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • "A good alternative and better package than MATLAB or GAUSS in the quantitative or computational economics field."
    - Katsuhiko Kawai Phd. - Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration

  • "O-Matrix lets me solve a class of problems not possible in Excel."
    - Dr. Stuart Knoke, Northwest Research Associates

  • "O-Matrix provides all the features of much more expensive software packages at a price that is acceptable for small businesses."
    - Carl Gaither - Tabletop Science Applications

  • "I have found the User & Function Reference manuals to be clearly written and the user interface easy to use. The library of source code for functions and numerical procedures is quite impressive."
    - Frederick Cathey, Phd. - Boeing Corporation

  • "I find the O-Matrix Development Kit very useful. It works perfectly. Harmonic Software's policy to allow free distribution of applications together with the O-Matrix run-time engine is generous and useful."
    - Claes Cassel, Associate Professor, Statistics Sweden

  • "I would like to congratulate you for O-Matrix, and for the user interface: an excellent product."
    - Agustin Alons-Rodriguez - Prof. of Econometrics

  • "Excellent and very prompt customer service"
    - Dr. Wayne Riggs - University of British Columbia

  • "Congratulations on such a fine product at such a reasonable price."
    - Charles Sadler, M.E.E., M.D

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