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Creating XY Plots
Syntax avplot(plotNamexy)

Creates a Data Visualizer plot for each column of y, where y is an integer, real, or double-precision matrix. The value x is an integer, real, or double-precision vector with the same row dimension as y. The character vector, plotName specifies the name of the group in which each data set and the corresponding graph will be stored. If the group already exists its contents are overwritten, otherwise it is created. If the value of plotName is "/" then all objects will be created in the root directory, otherwise the value of plotName must be a valid group name such as "/MyGroup".

If, at the O-Matrix prompt you enter
     x = {1, 2, 3}
     y = [{1, 2, 3}, {1, 4, 9}]
     avplot("/Simple Plot", x, y)
The Data Visualizer will be invoked if not already open and display the following

The previewer simplifies the creation of custom plots by providing interactive dialogs for modifying plot styles and attributes. If you select the Edit check box in the upper-left corner of the previewer, all of the editable objects of the graph are displayed.

See the Array Viewer documentation that was installed with the previewer for detailed instructions on interactively editing graphs.