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O-Matrix FAQ

This page provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. Answers for common questions can be found here but using the site search below, searching the manual reference and browsing the O-Matrix User Guide is still recommended for finding specific answers.

Web www.omatrix.com

Q: I am new to integrated math packages and interpreters, where's the best place to start?
A: Reviewing the getting started chapter and then working through the tutorial will give you a working knowledge of the O-Matrix environment and language.

Q: I am familiar with tools like Matlab or Mathematica, where's the best place to start?
A: Working through the tutorial and then reviewing the mlmode chapter and O-Matrix/Matlab Function List will give you a working knowledge of O-Matrix and help migrate your knowledge and applications from Matlab.

Q: What are O-Matrix strengths?
A: O-Matrix is the fastest executing, least expensive commercial data analysis environment available. O-Matrix provides a matrix language with constructs and capabilities not found in typical interpreters and the library of functions included with the base package includes a broad range of functions that typically require purchased add-ons with other packages. See the Why Users Are Choosing O-Matrix page for a comparison with Matlab specifically.

Q: What is the best way to find a function by name or keywords?
A: Enter the function name or keywords in the search tool above or go to the index page.

Q: Can I purchase a printed version of the manual?
A: As part of our efforts to keep O-Matrix affordable we do not print the manual. A PDF of the manual suitable for printing is available on the technical support page.

Q: O-Matrix is very inexpensive compared to some of the alternatives, do I still get support?
A: O-Matrix comes with complete tech support. See the technical support center for obtaining help.

Q: Can O-Matrix run Matlab scripts?
A: The O-Matrix environment does support the execution of basic MATLAB scripts and functions in addition to O-Matrix scripts and functions. O-Matrix can also run some scripts that are written completely in the MATLAB syntax. In general, MATLAB scripts that don't use GUI building, plotting, or cell array structures are compatible.

Q: Is O-Matrix available for UNIX, Linux, and Mac?
A: As of version 6.4, O-Matrix is only available for Windows. Numerous customers are using O-Matrix under various Windows emulators on Linux and Mac.

Q: What is the O-Matrix Development Kit and how is it different from O-Matrix?
A: The O-Matrix Development Kit provides an easy to use, efficient, and free method to distribute O-Matrix applications. Applications built with The O-Matrix Development Kit can range from simple scripts to turnkey systems and products. Visit http://www.omatrix.com/omrte.html to learn more. The O-Matrix Development Kit is licensed separately and requires a current valid O-Matrix license.

Q: What is the O-Matrix Tecplot link?
A: The O-Matrix Tecplot link is a set of functions provided with O-Matrix that enables users to create plots in Tecplot of O-Matrix results, transfer data to and from Tecplot, and to automate Tecplot with the O-Matrix language.

Q: How can O-Matrix run so much faster than the alternatives?
A: O-Matrix has been built using highly optimized C/C++, FORTRAN, and assembly code to provide optimal execution performance. Many functions are implemented with proprietary algorithms and code is written using advanced hardware features such as SIMD technology, multi-core capabilities, and code vectorization. The linear algebra routines in O-Matrix are based on the algorithms from BLAS, LINPACK, and LAPACK to provide robust, accurate solutions.

Q: How many functions does O-Matrix have?
A: O-Matrix has about 1000 functions available to end users, but this number is not necessarily a metric of capability as many functions provide a broad range of functionality. About 70% of the O-Matrix functions are provided as script files, that is user readable, text-based files. The other 30% of the functions are built into the O-Matrix executable.

Q: What industries, or types of applications use O-Matrix?
A: O-Matrix is used in diverse industries, especially those that require the highest levels of execution performance available. The organizations using O-Matrix most frequently include: Earth and ocean sciences, aerospace and defense, financial services, utilities, and energy.

Q: Is my O-Matrix license time limited, or do I have to purchase software maintenance?
A: We do not sell software maintenance. O-Matrix licenses are perpetual. When new releases are available they are typically made available for about %40 of the original purchase price.

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