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About O-Matrix

O-Matrix is a complete, analysis and visualization environment for scientists, engineers, numerical analysts, students, and anyone performing numerical or visual oriented data analysis or modelling. Development in O-Matrix is a time and cost saving alternative to programming in compiled languages such as C or FORTRAN. Analysis and development efforts can be performed in a fraction of the time required using traditional languages or typical integrated mathematics tools.

The benefits you will find working with O-Matrix include:

O-Matrix is both an environment and a language for technical computing: With O-Matrix you can both interactively explore, view and analyze data and develop sophisticated stand-alone applications.

The O-Matrix language reflects the language of mathematical analysis: The syntax of the matrix-based language in O-Matrix closely resembles the mathematical notation you would use for prototyping algorithms. Solutions can be compactly represented in a a clear and easy-to-understand form.

High performance is built in: O-Matrix was designed from the ground up to provide high performance for solving large, numerically intensive problems. Built in functions are written in optimized assembly and FORTRAN code to provide throughput that is often comparable to, or exceeds traditional compiled languages. O-Matrix is threaded and will take advantage of multi core CPUs and machines with multiple CPUs. See the Multiple CPUs chapter for details on configuring your environment for threading.

Visualization from understanding to presentation: The graphics capabilities in O-Matrix are easy-to-use for rapid data exploration but powerful and flexible enough for generating graphics presentations or exporting to other report generation applications.

Building on foundation algorithms enables robust, accurate applications: O-Matrix includes a broad range of numerical and statistical analysis routines based on algorithms from experts in numerical analysis. These functions have been implemented with extensive testing and validation which frees O-Matrix users from programming details typically found when developing numerical algorithms from scratch.

Extensibility leverages solutions and applications: A Platform for Turnkey Solutions: Using the O-Matrix Development Kit and O-Matrix Virtual Machine, finished solutions can be easily distributed to other users without royalty fees or additional licenses.

MATLAB® Language Support in O-Matrix The O-Matrix environment provides support for both the O-Matrix language and the MATLAB language. This feature is described in the section Mlmode: MATLAB® Compatibility.