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The Command Line

Commands can be entered in O-Matrix by typing them directly in the box to the right of the prompt button, which is the right most button below the menu at the top of the screen. If the prompt button displays the blue O> prompt, commands entered will be echoed in the Command window . If the prompt button shows the red DEBUG> prompt, commands will be echoed in the Debugger window . (Clicking the button toggles it between the two prompts.)

If at the O> prompt you enter
     5. / 2.
O-Matrix will respond
in the Command window .

Editing Commands
O-Matrix keeps a list of the commands entered at the Command line during a session. The F2 function key, moves the cursor to the Command line. When the cursor is at the Command line, commands can be recalled and edited with the following special keys:
Keyboard Entry Description
UP ARROW recalls previous command in the list
DOWN ARROW recalls next command in the list
END moves cursor to end of current command
HOME moves cursor to beginning current command
ESC erases current command
LEFT ARROW moves cursor left one character
RIGHT ARROW moves cursor right one character
BACKSPACE deletes character to the left of cursor
DELETE deletes character to the right of cursor
Some commands can also be run by selecting them from the menu bar . In addition, the integrated O-Matrix editor can be used for entering groups of commands and for recalling scripts from disk files.