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Automatic Conversion To A Higher Type

The numeric types in O-Matrix, together with the logical type, have the following order from lowest to highest
Coercion Order
logical  -> char  -> int  -> real  -> double  -> complex
Many operators or function that allow arguments of different types provided that all the types are in the set listed above. All of the arguments are converted to the same type, and then operation is performed. The type chosen is the highest type of any of the arguments.

If you enter
     x = 3.1
     y = 1i0
     print x + y
O-Matrix will respond
In the print statement above, O-Matrix converted the left operand to a complex number before adding. The value of x, however, is still real.

The rules for converting values to each of the possible types, are described in the int , char , real , double , and complex sections.