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The O-Matrix COM Server

O-Matrix can be used as a Microsoft COM server from Visual Basic, C++, VBA, Java, .NET languages, Matlab, or any client that supports COM interfacing.

When you install O-Matrix, the file devkit\OMServer.dll is registered on your system as COM component. Each client building tool has its own method for recognizing and binding to COM type libraries. You can inspect the interfaces of the OMServer library in Excel by pressing Alt-F11 to invoke the VBA editor. Open the 'Tools | References' dialog and one of the selections will be OMatrixServer X.X Type Library where XX is the current version.

The O-Matrix COM server can also be used with the O-Matrix Development Kit to create stand-alone, turnkey systems that can be distributed royalty-free.

In addition to the examples provided in this documentation there are numerous examples in VB script, VB, C++, C#, Java, and Matlab available in the devkit\examples directory of your installation.

O-Matrix COM Server Function Reference
comstart Starting O-Matrix
comopen Create a Connection with an O-Matrix Server
comeval Evaluating an O-Matrix Expression
computdata Transfer a Data Array to O-Matrix
computmatrix Loading Data from the COM Server to an O-Matrix Variable
computvariant Transferring Variant Data to O-Matrix
comncols Determine the Number of Columns of a Transferred Matrix
comnrows Determine the Number of Rows of a Transferred Matrix
comgetmatrix Transfer O-Matrix Variables to the COM Server
comgetdata Transfer Data to an O-Matrix COM Server Client
comgetvariant Transfer Data to an O-Matrix COM Server Client
comisbusy Determining if O-Matrix is Busy
comtimeout Setting the O-Matrix Server Timeout Period
comclose Terminating a Connection with an O-Matrix Server

comstatus Status Values Returned from the O-Matrix COM Server Functions