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Using O-Matrix as a COM Automation Client

O-Matrix provides functions to enable COM Automation scripting. These functions allow you to use O-Matrix as a scripting language for Office applications such as Excel, Word and Access; Graphics applications such as SigmaPlot, Surfer, and Origin; Data Acquisition tools such as LabView; And, proprietary server applications.

The O-Matrix automation functions are designed to simplify the use of COM Automation servers. Passing data to and from, and controlling automation servers is much easier with the O-Matrix client functions than in Visual Basic, C++, and typical technical computing environments. Operations such as passing the data of an O-Matrix solution to Excel and creating a plot can typically be performed with just a few lines of O-Matrix code.

O-Matrix COM Automation Client Function Reference
cocreate Creating a Connection to a COM/Automation Server
cowith Setting a COM object
coendwith Releasing a COM object
coinvoke Invoking a COM Server Method
copropget Getting a Property of the Current COM object
copropput Setting a Property in the Current COM object
covariant Setting Variable as Variant
codispsave Saving a COM Server Dispatch Pointer
codispset Setting the IDispatch Pointer of a COM Object
costats Displaying the Status of a COM connection
corelease Releasing a COM/Automation Server Connection

O-Matrix Automation Samples
The omwin\example\automation directory of your distribution provides additional, more in depth examples of using the O-Matrix COM client functions. The examples in the function reference use Excel since that application is common among O-Matrix users but the samples in the automation directory give illustrations of using O-Matrix to automate other applications. The O-Matrix COM client functions may also be reviewed and run by selecting the AUTOMATION category in the O-Matrix Example Navigator.