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Transferring Variant Data to O-Matrix
Syntax status = OMServer.PutVariant(arraySize,dataSrc,NRows,NCols)
See Also computdata , computmatrix

Transfers a data array to O-Matrix. The argument dataSrc must be a double-precision one-dimensional array containing values to transfer to O-Matrix. The argument arraySize is a positive integer scalar specifying the number of elements in the dataSrc vector. The arguments NRows and NCols are integer scalars specifying the number of rows and columns in the resultant O-Matrix matrix. Note that NRows*NCols must equal arraySize. Data are transferred to O-Matrix using the COM VARIANT type. For clients that support transfer of numeric data, more efficient transfers can be achieved with the OMServer.PutData method. Note that some client languages such as cscript transfer VARIANT array data by reference, VT_BYREF, which is not supported.

The returned value status is an integer OM Server Status code. This value will equal 1 if this function succeeded.

See the file COM\matlab\matlabIO.m in your installation directory for an example of transferring VARIANT data to O-Matrix.