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Status Values Returned from the O-Matrix COM Server Functions

The return value of O-Matrix server functions that return a status value should be checked before making additional server function calls. The following table enumerates the possible status values.

Error Value     Error ID     Description     Solution
1 OM_OK The function completed successfully
4 OM_INIT The server was not able to establish a connection with O-Matrix. Verify that O-Matrix is running and idle.
7 OM_CONNECT Attempting to interact with O-Matrix before calling the comopen function. Re-execute the comopen function
2 OM_TIMEOUT The server was not able to complete the requested operation in the current timeout period. Re-execute the function or increase the timeout period using the comtimeout function.
5 OM_COMMAND The string argument to comeval is not a valid O-Matrix command Verify that the string passed to comeval is a valid O-Matrix expression.
8 OM_XFER There was an error transferring data to or from O-Matrix. Verify that the comopen command successfully executed and that O-Matrix is running and idle.