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Customizing the Initial State of O-Matrix

Options Menu
Some of the current settings can be saved and restored when O-Matrix starts up using the Options menu. When one of these options is chosen, the corresponding setting is saved in the file named om50.ini in your windows system directory. (The file c:\omwin\om50.ini is a copy of the original version of this file.) The following table lists these settings:
Option Meaning
Save Window Layout The current size and position of the Command , Debugger , and Graphic 0 windows.
Save Numeric Format The current format used for printing values.
Save Fonts The current graphic fonts.
Editor font Changes the current font used in editor windows.
Save Editors on Exit If this option is checked when O-Matrix exits, all editor windows are inspected to see that the their edits have been saved. If a windows edits have not been saved, a dialog is posted and you are given the option to save them.
Save Session on Exit If this option is checked when O-Matrix exits, you are given the option of saving commands that you entered at the command line in a file.
Activate Graph If this option is checked, every plotting command causes the current graphic window is moved in front of other windows.
The settings mentioned above are not affected by the clear command. Setting that are affected by the clear command can be restored using the autoexec.oms file. This file can be edited by selecting the File | Open Program menu item and selecting the file c:\omwin\autoexec.oms. You may also customize O-Matrix by adding commands to this file. For example, if you add the command
     print "Hello World"
to the end of the file autoexec.oms, O-Matrix will display
     Hello World
when you start up and after each clear command.