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Deleting All Break and Watch Points
Syntax dall
See Also dwatch , dbreak
Abbreviation da

Deletes all the currently active debugger break and watch points.

If the file temp.oms contains
     function fun(x) begin
          y = 5
          x = y^2
     z = 7
and at the DEBUG> prompt you enter
     file temp.oms
O-Matrix will list the beginning lines of temp.oms in the debug window. If you then enter
     break 4
     break 2
O-Matrix will respond with the following list
     index   skip  line  file
         1      0     4  C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS
         2      0     2  C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS
(Note that the break command with no arguments lists all the current break points.) If you continue by entering
O-Matrix will respond
     No breakpoints currently set