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Listing Included Files
Syntax include
See Also include
Abbreviation i
Menu Command Debug | Include

This debugger command lists all of the files that have been included since the last clear command was executed.

If at the O> prompt you enter
     include function\colsum.oms
O-Matrix will activate the Debugger window. If you then enter
O-Matrix will respond
The file autoexec.oms is automatically included after every clear command. The file tmp1.oms is a temporary file that O-Matrix uses to record input from the command prompt. The file colsum.oms was included by the include command at the O> prompt. The file ones.oms was included by the file colsum.oms. If you installed O-Matrix in a directory other than c:\omwin, that directory will appear in the list above. In addition, your temporary file may be located in a different directory and it may have a different name.