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Deleting Breakpoints
Syntax dbreak
See Also dall , debugger break
Abbreviation d
Menu Command Debug | Delete Breakpoint . . .
Debug | List Breakpoints

Deletes breakpoints. If index is not present, the current breakpoints are listed.

If the file TEMP.OMS is in the current working directory and contains
     function fac(n) begin
          if n==1 then return 1
          return n * fac(n - 1)
and at the DEBUG> prompt you enter
     file TEMP.OMS
O-Matrix will list the file TEMP.OMS with line numbers. If you enter
     break 2
     break 3
O-Matrix will respond
    index     skip     line   file                                    
        1        0        2   C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS                       
        2        0        3   C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS                       
(the actual file name will depend on the current directory). If you continue by entering
     dbreak 1
O-Matrix will respond
    index     skip     line   file                                    
        1        0        3   C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS                       
Note that after the first breakpoint was deleted, the index value of the second breakpoint was changed.