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The Debugger Window

The debugger allows you to track code execution and variable values in an O-Matrix program. To enter the debugger, type
at the O> prompt or select Debug | Enter Debugger from the menu. The debugger commands are listed in the Debugger section.

If you enter
at the O> prompt, the Debugger window will display both this input line and the resulting output:

Note that input lines in the Debugger window are preceded by "Debug>". To return control the to O> prompt, enter cont or select the Debug | Exit Debugger menu item.

Saving Debugger Window
The current contents of the Debugger window can be saved in an ASCII text file. To do this, select the File | Save As menu item, choose the Save Debugger Output radio button, select the Select File Name button, and choose a file.

Printing Debugger Window
To print the current contents of the Debugger window, select the File | Print menu item, select the Print Debugger Output check box, and then select the Print button.

Entering Debugger Upon Errors
When O-Matrix encounters certain errors, it will give you the choice to do one of four things:
Button Action
Continue return control to O> prompt
Debug transfer control to DEBUG> prompt
Edit edit the file where the error occurred
Help obtain help related to the error
If you select Debug, you will enter the debugger with the current environment set to the place where the error occurred.