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O-Matrix Development Kit License

In addition to all grants and limitations made on the O-Matrix license envelope, the license for O-Matrix Development Kit makes the following additions:

1) The O-Matrix Development Kit license holder has the right to distribute, royalty-free, the O-Matrix VM, (Virtual Machine) that is included with the O-Matrix Development Kit distribution, provided that it is included with, and intended for use by applications of the O-Matrix Development Kit license holder's creation.
2) Applications that are distributed with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine must provide conspicuous documentation to the end-user that the copy of the included copy of the O-Matrix VM is only licensed for use with the provided application(s).
3) Each individual that creates code for inclusion in applications created under this license, must be a valid O-Matrix Development Kit license holder.
4) The O-Matrix Development Kit license is non-transferrable and may only be used by the individual specified at the time of purchase.
5) The omwin.lic license file that is provided with your license may be re-distributed with your application. Inclusion of the omwin.lic file with your distributed solution enables your applications to make certain run time modifications to the VM, such as hiding the application and changing the main window caption. Presence of the omwin.lic file on end users machine does not entitle them to create O-Matrix applications.

The license envelope and invoice that came with your O-Matrix Development Kit distribution is proof of your license' validity. Retain this paperwork.