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An Easy to Use General Purpose Dialog Routine
Syntax easydlg(caption, buttons)
easydlg(caption, buttons, message)
easydlg(caption, buttons, message, layout)
easydlg(caption, buttons, message, layout, connection)

The easydlg function is a general purpose routine for simplifying the construction of graphical user interface applications in O-Matrix. Normally, the programmer must determine the size and position of the controls of a dialog. When using easydlg, the geometry. of the dialog and the position and size of controls within the dialog are computed automatically. In addition, easydlg automates the definition and use of call backs .

Modal Dialogs
Dialogs displayed by easydlg are always modal. When your application displays a modal dialog box, the you cannot switch between the dialog box and another window that has been displayed by O-Matrix. The you must explicitly end the dialog box by clicking one of the buttons defined in the buttons argument to easydlg.

Call back Function
With easydlg when the user selects one of the buttons specified by buttons, a function whose name corresponds to caption is called and the dialog is dismissed.

Easy Dialog Caption and Button Arguments
Easy Dialog Message Argument
Easy Dialog Layout Argument
Easy Dialog Connection Argument
Easy Dialog First Argument
A Complex Easy Dialog Example