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Easy Dialog Message Argument
Syntax easydlg(captionbuttonsmessage)
See Also addlabel

The message argument is a character matrix specifying a message to be placed in the dialog. Each row of the matrix corresponds to a new line in the message and all the lines start at the same horizontal position. If message is not present, or if it is equal to the empty string "", no message is displayed.

     caption = "Message_callback"
     buttons = {  "Continue", "Cancel"}
     message = { ...
          "If you continue loading", ...
          "the data will be over written" ...
     easydlg(caption, buttons, message)
     function Message_callback(button) begin
          print "button =", button

If you paste the program above into the command line, the following dialog will be displayed:
If you then select the Continue button, the function Message_callback will be called and it will print the text
     button = Continue
in the Command window.