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Easy Dialog Radio Buttons
Syntax easydlg(captionbuttonsmessagelayoutconnection)
See Also radiobuttons

Disable Connections
If a row of the connection argument begins with "radio", the row specifies a radio connection. A row corresponding to a radio connection has the form:
where F1F2..., denote the names corresponding to fields in the dialog. One and only one of the check boxes in the connection is true. If one of the false boxes is selected, it is set to true and the others are set to false. If the true box is selected, no change occurs.

     cap = "Radio_callback"
     but = {"Ok", "Cancel"}
     msg = "Choose an integration method."
     lay = { ...
          "checkbox, Runge, 2, true", ...
          "checkbox, Gear, 2, false", ...
          "checkbox, Adams, 2, false" ...
     connection = "radio, Runge, Gear, Adams"
     easydlg( cap, but, msg, lay, connection)
     function Radio_callback(button) begin
          print "button =", button
          print "Runge  =", easydlg("Runge")
          print "Gear   =", easydlg("Gear")
     print "Adams  =", easydlg("Adams")

If you paste the program above into the command line, the following dialog will be displayed:
If you select the Gear field and then press the Ok button, the following text will print in the Command window:
     button =", Ok
     Runge  = false
     Gear   = true
     Adams  = false"