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Displaying The Environment Call Stack
Syntax environment
See Also environment number
Abbreviation e
Menu Command Debug | List Environment

Lists the currently executing functions with corresponding line numbers and file names.

If the file TEMP.OMS in the current working directory contains
     function f(x) begin
     function g(x) begin
          f(2 * x)
and you enter
     include TEMP.OMS
O-Matrix will activate the debugger window. If you then enter
O-Matrix will respond
     Currently Executing Environments
     index function              line file
         1                         16
         2 g                        6 C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS
         3 f                        3 C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS

     Current Debugger Environment Settings
     index function                   file
         3 f                          C:\OMWIN\TEMP.OMS
The first executing environment corresponds to the g(1) command and is not inside of any file or function. The line number for this entry may depends on other commands you entered during this session. The second executing environment corresponds to the f(2 * x) statement in TEMP.OMS. The third executing environment corresponds to the stop statement in TEMP.OMS. The current debugger environment settings determine which function and file are used when listing and printing active variables.