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Checking For Matrix Equality
Syntax equal(xy)
See Also isequal , any , all

Returns the logical scalar value "true" if the dimensions of x and y are equal and every element of x is equal to the corresponding element of y (otherwise returns "false"), where x and y are each logical, character, integer, real, double-precision, or complex matrices. If either x or y is a character matrix, they both must be character matrices. If x and y do not have the same type, one of the values will be coerced to match the type of the other before the comparison is made.

     x = {[1, 2], [3, 4]}
     y = {[1, 2], [4, 4]}
     print equal(x, x) , equal(x, y)
     T F

It is actually faster to call the isequal function directly and this function is only provided for compatibility with previous versions of O-Matrix.