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Example Navigator
The Example Navigator is a dialog-based utility for navigating, running, and viewing O-Matrix examples. In O-Matrix Light the navigator will start automatically, but can also be invoked from the "Tools" menu.

Each example in the navigator corresponds to an O-Matrix script file in the omwin\example directory. You can run individual examples from the command line by entering

include example\<example directory>\<example name>

For example, if you enter
include example\demo\rosen.oms
at the command prompt, O-Matrix will run the Rosenbrock's example. Alternatively, examples can be run by selecting "File | Run" from the main menu and browsing to the desired example.

The samples in the Example Navigator are designed to illustrate O-Matrix usage for typical applications and provide templates for specialized uses. More simple and concise examples of O-Matrix functions are provided with the online documentation for individual functions and features. See the O-Matrix Tutorial for a detailed walk though of O-Matrix concepts.

The Example Navigator is built using the O-Matrix GUI Building Tools . Source code for the GUI is available in the example\examples.oms file.