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A Dialog for Plotting Files
Syntax fileplotdlg
See Also read , bread , xlread , h5read , matfiles

Displays a dialog that controls the plotting of selected columns of a file. The file contains double precision values and its columns are separated by white space. The user will be given the choice of one column for the x-axis and multiple columns for the y-axis. The plot will be displayed and stay in the Graphic 0 window.

Button Description
Clear Clear the plot
Plot Add curve corresponding to current field settings
File Select a new file
Exit Dismiss the plot dialog
Help Display help for fileplotdlg

The file tools\quadratic.dat contains
     1   1   1
     2   4   8
     3   9  27
     4  16  64
     5  25 125
If you enter
O-Matrix will display the File Plot dialog. If you then select the File button and choose the file tools\quadratic.dat, O-Matrix will display a dialog that looks like this:

If you then chose 1 for the x index and 2 for the y index, O-Matrix will plot a quadratic function in the graphics window.