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Finding Text in Files

The Edit | Find In Files menu item invokes a dialog which can be used to search for text in files. The dialog has the following fields:
Field Meaning
find what text that is searched for
file types type of files included in search
timeout time to search
selected folder if checked, search folder specified below
subfolder search subfolders as well
included file search files included since previous clear
include path search all folders in current path
match case text must match upper and lower case letters
The following is a sample of the dialog:

In this example, O-Matrix will search for the string kalman in files that have the *.oms extension. Files in the directory c:\omwin and all directories below that directory will be searched. In addition, files that have been included since the previous clear command will also be searched. Matching text must have the same case as kalman, for example, Kalman would not constitute matching text.