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Setting The Integer Output Format
Syntax format int places
See Also format and format float

Menu Command
Command | Numeric Format . . .

Sets the output format for integer matrices to the specified number of places, where places is a character row vector. If places is an empty vector, the output format is reset.

If you enter
     format int "5"
each subsequent integer value output will be right-justified in five columns. If you then enter
     x = [1, 2, 3]
O-Matrix will respond
     [    1 ,    2 ,    3 ]
The format statement also affects the values output by the write function. If you continue the example above by entering
     write("screen", x)
O-Matrix will respond
          1     2     3
Note that the write function inserts an extra space between elements of the matrix.

     format int ""
will reset integer output to have no leading spaces.