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Transferring Files Over the Internet Using FTP
Syntax ftp(command...)
See Also: mkdir , rmdir , listdir , urlget

Dll Linkage
The ftp routine is a dynamic link library and must be linked to O-Matrix before it can be used. The command
     dll dll\ftp.dll, ftp
performs this linkage and is required before any calls to ftp and after any clear commands.

The ftp function can be used to transfer files over the internet. The character row vector command specifies which ftp command to execute and must be one of the following: "open", "close", "get", "ls", "delete", "cd" or "type". A description of each of these commands can be found in its corresponding section below.

open - Opening an ftp Connection to a Remote Host
close - Closing the ftp Connection to a Remote Host
get - Retrieving a File From a Remote Host
put - Transferring a File To a Remote Host
ls - Listing File and Directory Names On a Remote Host
delete - Deleting a File on a Remote Host
cd - Changing Directories on a Remote Host
type - Setting the File Transfer Type