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Specifying A Graphics Window's Geometry
Syntax gaddwin(captiongeometry)
See Also delwin , gplot , and gaddwin(caption, geometry, call back)
Menu Command Graphics | Add Window

Adds a new graphics window with the specified caption and geometry and selects it as the current window for plotting. The return value is an integer identifier for the new window. It can be used to reference the window in subsequent calls to the gwin function. This syntax uses the default settings for the arguments call back , and style .

If you enter
     caption  = "Test Plot"
     geometry = [200, 100, 200, 100]
     id       = gaddwin(caption, geometry)
     gplot(seq(3), seq(3))
O-Matrix will create a square graphic window and plot a line in the window. If you then enter
     print id 
O-Matrix will respond
which is the identifier for the new graphic window.