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Deleting A Viewport
Syntax gdelview(identifier)
See Also gaddview , ginitview , glistview , gview

Deletes the viewport specified by identifier, where identifier is an integer scalar. The identifier for a viewport is returned when it is created by gaddview , the identifier for the current viewport can be obtained using gview , and a list of all the viewport identifiers for the current graphic window can be obtained using glistview .

If you enter
     x = -1. : .1 : 1.
     line = gaddview(0., 0., 1., .5)
     gplot(x, x)
     parabola = gaddview(0., .5, 1., .5)
     gplot(x, x^2)
O-Matrix will draw a line and a parabola. You can erase the line by entering