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get - Retrieving a File From a Remote Host
Syntax ftp("get", remote file name)
See Also: openftp , lsftp , putftp

Gets the specified file from the currently connected remote machine and puts it in the O-Matrix current working directory. The character row vector remote file name specifies the name of the file on the remote host to retrieve. The return value is true if the file was successfully retrieved and false otherwise.

If ftp is not currently linked to O-Matrix, enter the command
     dll dll\ftp.dll, ftp
You can now open a remote connection by entering the command
     ftp("open", "", "anonymous", "guest")
If O-Matrix responds
the connection was successful. In this case, you can copy the file dirmap.htm from the remote machine by entering
     ftp("get", "dirmap.htm")
If you then enter
The file dirmap.htm will be included in the listing for the current O-Matrix working directory.