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Getting The Values In a Table
Syntax gettable(caption)
See Also addtable , getcells , setcells

Returns the values in the table with the specified caption , where caption is a character row vector. If the table was created using character data, the return value is a character matrix, otherwise the return value is double-precision.

If you enter
     caption      = "My Table"
     geometry     = [100, 100, 200, 120]
     callback     = "delwin(caption);"
     data         = seq(3) * seq(2)'
     columnLabels = novalue
     rowLabels    = novalue
     style        = "normal"
     addtable(caption, geometry, callback, ...
          data, columnLabels, rowLabels, style)
O-Matrix will create a table window with two columns and three rows. You can use the mouse to select a cells in the table and use the keyboard to enter new values. If you then enter
O-Matrix will print the values currently in the table You can delete the table window from its caption bar or by entering