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Setting Graphics Text Font Size
Syntax functionfont(type facesize)
See Also gtitlefont(type face) and gtitlefont(type face, size, color)

Sets the font for subsequent calls to the specified function, where function is one of the following: gaddtext, gtitle, gxtitle, gytitle, gztitle, gxtick, gytick, or gztick. The integer scalar size specifies the height of the font in points, the argument type face is described in gtitlefont(type face) . This call uses the default color which is "black" and the special styles "bold", "italic", "underline", and "overstrike" are turned off.

If you enter
     gtitlefont("symbol", 16)
O-Matrix will place a large title in the Graphic 0 window consisting of the Greek letters alpha, beta, and gamma.