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Invoking Help From Within An O-Matrix Program
Syntax help
help(topic, file)
See Also error , errortrap

Displays the help page from the specified file and topic, where file and topic are character row vectors. If topic is not present, the CONTENTS.HTM file, within the HELP subdirectory of the O-Matrix installation directory, is sent to the default web browser.

If topic is present and file is not present, topic is the name of a file, without its ".htm" extension, in the HELP subdirectory of the O-Matrix installation directory.

If file is present, it specifies a file where the help information is stored. If the file name ends in the four characters ".hlp", it is a windows help file. If the file name begins with the five characters "http:", it is a complete world wide web address. If the file name begins with the "\" character, or if its second character is the colon character ":", it is a complete path specification. Otherwise the file name is relative to the O-Matrix installation directory.

When file is present, topic specifies the help topic within the file (for HTML files this is the NAME field corresponding to an anchor within the file). If topic is an empty matrix , no topic is specified within the file.

Leading and trailing white space in topic and file are ignored.

You can start your web browser, displaying the table of contents for the O-Matrix manual by entering

You can display the help for a particular function in O-Matrix by specifying its name. If you enter
the O-Matrix help for the colmax function will be displayed in the default web browser on your system.

If the file name ends in ".hlp" it is assumed to be a Windows help file. If you enter
     file  = "c:\windows\winhelp.hlp"
     topic = "printing"
     help(topic, file)
The help for print a topic in windows help will be displayed.

You can also specify files in the O-Matrix installation directory. If you enter
     file  = "examples.hlp"
     topic = "acosh"
     help(topic, file)
an example for the acosh function will display in windows help. The file could also be an HTML file, If you enter
     file  = "htm\glossary_Frame1.htm"
     topic = "Element-By-Element"
     help(topic, file)
the O-Matrix definition of an Element-By-Element function will be displayed. (Note that O-Matrix stores its help files in the HTM subdirectory of the installation directory.)

If the file begins with "http:", it should be a valid web address. If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can bring up the O-Matrix home page by entering:
     file  = ""
     topic = ""
     help(topic, file)