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Setting Response Time During Execution
Syntax interrupt(interval)
See Also stop , halt

The integer, real, or double-precision scalar interval specifies the number of seconds that O-Matrix will execute a program before checking if the user has typed in the editor window, chosen a command from the O-Matrix menu, or requested any other activity within O-Matrix.

Execution Speed
The larger the value of interval, the faster O-Matrix will run but the slower it will be to respond to user activities in the O-Matrix window. If interval is 0, O-Matrix will not suspend execution and check for other activities.

Light Restrictions
The interval value zero is not available in O-Matrix Light. In addition, the interval cannot be larger than 60 in O-Matrix Light.

The default interval is 3 seconds. This is too long an interval if you are editing a file while O-Matrix is executing. If you enter
     for i = 1 to 10000 begin
     print i
O-Matrix will scroll the values of i in the Command window. If you then choose File | Edit New Program from the menu, O-Matrix will open a window in which you can edit a program while O-Matrix continues to print the values in the Command window. You can use the red hand to halt execution of the program.