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Inverse Of The Cumulative Distribution For T-Statistic
Syntax ittail(pfree)
See Also ttail , tpdf , ftail

Computes the element-by-element inverse of the cumulative distribution for the T-statistic, where p is a real or double-precision matrix specifying the value of the tail probability. Each of the elements of p must be greater than 0 and less than 1. The matrix free specifies the number of degrees of freedom for the T-statistic and may be integer, real, or double-precision. If t is the return value,
     p = | tpdf(xfreedx
where tpdf is the probability density function for the T-statistic.

If you enter
     p = [.1, .5, .9]
     free = 3
     ittail(p, free)
O-Matrix will respond
     [ 1.63768 , 0 , -1.63768 ]