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Executing Large Programs Using O-Matrix Light
Syntax lightexe(filefun)
See Also light restrictions , load and save

O-Matrix Light has restrictions that make it impossible to run large programs.

Suppose that in an O-Matrix Developer version you execute the commands
     large = novalue
     function example() begin
          global large
          large = fill(0, 1, 100000)
     save large.omx
Then in O-Matrix Light you can execute the function example as follows
     file = "large.omx"
     fun  = "example"
     lightexe(file, fun)
Then at the Command line you enter
O-Matrix will respond
Note that this is more than the number of elements allowed in the normal mode for O-Matrix Light.

All pending files on the input stack are removed when light execution mode is entered. That is all commands that follow your call to lightexe are not executed. For example, if the file temp.oms contains the commands
     file = "c:\omwin\large.omx"
     fun  = "example"
     lightexe(file, fun)
     print "lightexe done"
the print command will not be executed.

Restrictions When Using the lightexe Command
Once you execute this command, you will no longer be able to include or execfile any files. This restriction also applies to automatically generated includes. In addition, you will not be able to use the omlink function.

If you are not running O-Matrix Light , you can remove the restriction on including files by calling lightexe with no arguments; i.e.,

Windows and Dialogs
When you execute the lightexe command, all of the windows, dialogs, and toolbar are set to their initial state; i.e., the dialogs are dismissed, the default windows are visible and empty, and the toolbar is enabled.