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Listing Lines In The Current Debugger File
Syntax list
See Also env , and file
Abbreviation l
Menu Command Debug | List

Lists the specified number of lines, starting at the specified line, in the current debugger listing file. If number is not present, the same number of lines are listed as in the previous list command. If start is not present, the same starting line is used as in the previous listing for the current file. (Whenever the current file changes, the starting line is set to the first line in the file.)

If at the DEBUG> prompt you enter
     file autoexec.oms
O-Matrix will list the beginning of the AUTOEXEC.OMS file in the Debugger window. If you then enter
     list 60, 10
O-Matrix will list lines 60 though 69 of the AUTOEXEC.OMS file. In addition, the debugger will include 10 lines in all subsequent listings until another list command specifies the number of lines.