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Specifying Plotting Style In Mesh And Surface Plots
Syntax    mesh(zcolor optionxystyle)
zcolor optionxystyle)
See Also gstyle , and mesh(z, color option, x, y)

Displays the mesh or surface plot specified by z , color option , x, y and style, in the current viewport , where style is a character row vector specifying a valid plotting style as described in gstyle . The line width and symbol size are determined by the previous call to the gstyle function.

If you enter
     x = -5. : 1. : 5.
     y = x'
     z = x * y / 10.
     glevel({-1.2, -.6, .6, 1.2})
     gcolor({"red", "green", "black", "lime", "blue"})
     gstyle("solid", 1, 20)
     surface(z, "blue", x, y, "star")
O-Matrix will plot the star symbol at the points
     (x , y , z   )  for i = 1 , ... , m and j = 1 , ... n
       i   j   i,j
where m and n are the row and column dimensions of z respectively. The stars that are behind the surface will be hidden because this is a surface plot instead of a mesh plot. The argument 20 to gstyle determines the size of the star symbols and the other arguments have no effect in this plot.