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Mlmode: MATLAB® Compatibility
See Also: Linking With Other Languages, Programs and COM Components

The O-Matrix environment provides support for both the O-Matrix and MATLAB® languages using the mlmode command. The two languages exist side by side. Functions and variables defined in one of the languages are available in the other. By default, O-Matrix starts with the O-Matrix language. See the autoexec section for changing O-Matrix startup defaults.

The sections below contain a description of how to use Mlmode in O-Matrix.

Switching Between Mlmode And O-Matrix Mode
Differences Between The Mlmode and O-Matrix Languages
Script Files (Mlmode)
User Defined Functions (Mlmode)
Automatically Executed Command File (Mlmode)
Keywords (Mlmode)
Intrinsic Functions (Mlmode)
M-File Functions (Mlmode)
O-Matrix Routine For Missing Mlmode Functions
Differences Between MATLAB® and Mlmode Languages