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Keywords (Mlmode)

The following table contains a list of each of the keywords in Mlmode.

Keyword Description
break Breaking Out Of For And While Loops
char Element-By-Element Conversion To Character
clear Starting A New Program
else If Statement (Mlmode)
elseif If Statement (Mlmode)
end terminates if , for , and while statements
feval Executing The Function Corresponding To A String
for For Statement (Mlmode)
function User Defined Functions (Mlmode)
global Using Variables And Constants With Functions
if If Statement (Mlmode)
int Conversion To Integer
keyboard same as O-Matrix mode stop
logical Conversion To Logical
mlmode Switching Between Mlmode And O-Matrix Mode
omatrix Switching Between Mlmode And O-Matrix Mode
quit same as O-Matrix mode exit
real Conversion To Double-Precision
return Returning from a Function
while While Statement (Mlmode)