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M-File Functions (Mlmode)

This section contains the m-file functions that are available in Mlmode but are not intended to be used in O-Matrix mode (because there are better ways or no reason to accomplish the operation from O-Matrix mode).

Documented Below This Section

Computing The Mean (Mlmode)
Computing The Standard Deviation (Mlmode)
Legendre's Complete Elliptic Integrals (Mlmode)
Displaying A Value (Mlmode)
Displaying A Warning (Mlmode)
Left Justify a Sequence of Strings in a Single Matrix (Mlmode)
Converting to Integer Ascii Representation (Mlmode)
Contour Plots (Mlmode)
Mesh Plots (Mlmode)
Combined Mesh and Contour Plots (Mlmode)
Surface Plots (Mlmode)
Combined Surface and Contour Plots (Mlmode)
X and Y Grids for Contour and Mesh Plots (Mlmode)
Elapsed Time Corresponding to Clock Values (Mlmode)
Determines Which Elements are Finite (Mlmode)
Returns a Non-Sparse Version of a Matrix (Mlmode)
Does This Computer Support IEEE Arithmetic (Mlmode)
Returns True for Unix Systems (Mlmode)
Is a Matrix Sparse (Mlmode)
Is a Matrix of Type Character (Mlmode)

Documented Elsewhere
erfinv The Inverse Error Function

O-Matrix Mode
When in O-Matrix mode, some of the functions listed above will be automatically included because they are written in the O-Matrix language. These functions are isstr , disp , warning , and str2mat