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Creating an OMDDE Client
See Also:   omserver   omlink

The OMDDE library provides a set of C callable functions for communicating between programs. These functions are omlink compatible and thereby provide a method for communicating between a C program and O-Matrix. The sections listed below an the OMDDE functions that are used when the C program is the client.

Number of Bytes Per Matrix Element OMSize
Initializing and Terminating OMDDE Communication OMDdeInitialize
Connecting an OMDDE Client To a Server OMClientConnect
Disconnecting an OMDDE Client From a Server OMClientDisconnect
Transferring Commands From OMDDE Client to Server OMClientPutCmd
Transferring Data From OMDDE Client to Server OMClientPutMat
Getting Data Sent to an OMDDE Client OMClientGetMat