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The O-Matrix License File

The O-Matrix license file, omwin.lic that was provided with your O-Matrix purchase must be copied to your O-Matrix installation directory, e.g. c:\omwin. The omwin.lic file is your verification that you are running a licensed copy of O-Matrix. If your installation does not have an omwin.lic file or if you received this file from a source other than Harmonic Software you are illegally running an unlicensed copy of O-Matrix.

The O-Matrix EULA, (End User License Agreement), requires that Harmonic Software Inc. receive complete contact information for the end user of the received omwin.lic file. This information must minimally include: Current shipping address, phone number and e-mail address. If the license was purchased as an academic discount, the shipping and e-mail address must be for a valid, qualifying academic institution.

If you have purchased an O-Matrix Development Kit license the version string displayed in the O-Matrix caption will have the string Development Kit appended. If you have a valid Development Kit License you may re-distribute copies of the provided O-Matrix Virtual Machine for use with your solution.