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The O-Matrix Development Kit

The O-Matrix Development Kit provides the tools, examples, and a special license for building stand-alone and turnkey systems for use with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine . Applications that are built with the O-Matrix Development Kit may be freely distributed without royalty restrictions with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine that is provided with the Development Kit License .

Creating Distributions
There are several techniques for creating applications with the Development Kit.

Creating O-Matrix Source-Code Solutions
Applications implemented completely in O-Matrix can be executed by the O-Matrix VM by giving the name of your application file as an argument to the O-Matrix VM on startup. For example, if your application is named c:\temp\myapp.oms, and in the VM installation directory you enter
omwin c:\temp\myapp.oms
the O-Matrix VM will start and immediately begin your application. You can create Windows shortcuts to automate this startup or use the O-Matrix VM Application Launcher to browse and start VM-based applications.

Creating O-Matrix Pcode/Binary Solutions
Applications can be distributed in binary pcode form. Binary pcode distributions provide a simpler way to distribute large, multi-file applications, cause your application to startup significantly faster than in source code form, and enable you to distribute your application without including proprietary source.

Creating Visual Basic, C++, and Other COM Solutions
COM-based solutions using Visual Basic, C++, or other COM client building tools enable you to mix O-Matrix solutions with other technologies and provide additional alternatives for user interface development. For example, you can use Visual Basic to build a specialized, or domain specific interface that interacts with your end user, and then call O-Matrix as a background process to perform data analysis. Or, if you have a specialized library of compiled language routines, (C, C++, FORTRAN, etc.), you can create solutions that use your library routines and O-Matrix functionality.

O-Matrix Development-Related Functions
The following chapter and function references are part of the standard O-Matrix distribution but are used frequently with Development Kit applications.
gui Graphical User Interface Programming
hide Hiding A Window Or Disabling A Control
com The O-Matrix COM Server
comautomation Using O-Matrix as a COM Automation Client
dllall Creating O-Matrix DLL Functions

Development Kit Specific Utilities and Functions
The following utilities and functions are only available with the Development Kit license.
loadsave Loading and Saving Work Space
ompcode Creating an O-Matrix Binary Pcode Distribution
omvm The O-Matrix Virtual Machine
vmlauncher The O-Matrix Virtual Machine Application Launcher