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A GUI for Manipulating Tecplot Data Files
Syntax include pltgui.oms
See Also wtecplot , rtecplot

The lib\pltgui.oms file defines a GUI for reading, plotting and loading Tecplot .PLT binary data files. After loading the GUI library activate the interface by entering ReadTecplotDialog from the command line or selecting Read Tecplot Data from the Tools menu.

If you enter
include pltgui.oms
O-Matrix will load functions for displaying the GUI for manipulating Tecplot files. If you continue the example by selecting
Tools | Read Tecplot Data
from the Tools menu O-Matrix will display the following dialog

The directory demo\plt in your Tecplot installation directory contains several sample .PLT files. If you continue the example above by pressing the File button O-Matrix will display a file browser dialog. If you select the file cylinder.plt from the PLT directory the dialog will appear as:

The fields X:, Y:, and Zone: can be used to select variables from the selected file for creating plots. If you continue the example above by changing the zone to d2, the x variable to X(M), the y variable to Y(M) and press the Plot button, O-Matrix will display the following plot:

The Load button can be used to display the contents of the current file in the Command window.