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Computing the Derivative of a Polynomial
Syntax polder(p)
See Also polval , pol2asc

Returns the column vector that corresponds to the derivative of the polynomial that corresponds to the integer, real, double-precision or complex column vector p. If v is a column vector of length n the corresponding polynomial v[x] and its derivative dv[x] are
                         1        2                n-1
      v[x] = v  +    v  x  +  v  x   +  ...  + v  x
              1       2        3                n
                         1                    n-2
     dv[x] = v  +  2 v  x  +  ... + (n-1) v  x
              2       3                    n
The vector p must have at least one element. The return value has the same type as p. If p had one element, the return value is the scalar zero, otherwise the return value has one less element than the vector p.

If you enter
     p = {1, 1, 1, 1}
O-Matrix will reply