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Readme File for O-Matrix Version 6.5
Harmonic Software Inc. March 23, 2009

If you have suggestions, comments or questions using O-Matrix please contact us:
Company: Harmonic Software Inc.

O-Matrix Install Directory
The default location for the O-Matrix install directory is c:\omwin. If you installed O-Matrix to a different directory, use that directory where ever c:\omwin is referenced. The following is a list of the items contained in the O-Matrix installation directory:
Directory Description
DEVKIT Tools, documentation, and examples of building re-distributable O-Matrix applications. (Available with the O-Matrix Development Kit license.)
DLL O-Matrix DLL functions
EXAMPLE Numerous in-depth examples. See the O-Matrix Example Navigator .
FUNCTION O-Matrix *.oms function files
HTM Documentation directory in HTML format
IPACKS Installation directory for the SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox and other third party products.
LIB Additional O-Matrix *.oms files
LPSOLVE Documentation and examples of using the lpSolve linear programming tools with O-Matrix
MATHLIBS Architecture-specific run time support libraries for numerical functions.
OCTAVE Supplemental mlmode *.m files that enable O-Matrix to provide additional Matlab compatibility. These files must be installed after O-Matrix. The Matlab Compatibility Library is provided as a separate setup program with your order, or may be downloaded from the O-Matrix Addons Page
OMDDE Example of using Windows DDE for connecting with other processes
PROGRAMS Can be used for storing user programs. Also used to store samples installed by the O-Matrix Development Kit
STSA Installation directory for the O-Matrix Time Series Toolbox
TECPLOT Functions for communicating with, and creating plots in Tecplot .
TEST System and O-Matrix diagnostic tools
TOOLBOX O-Matrix *.oms and mlmode *.m files
TOOLS GUI Tools for common O-Matrix tasks
File Description
autoexec.m File included whenever mlmode is cleared
autoexec.oms Startup File that is run, or included whenever O-Matrix is started or cleared
omwin.exe O-Matrix executable program