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Changing The Value In Cells Of A Table
Syntax setcells(captioncelldata)
See Also addtable , gettable , getcells

Changes the values of a block of cells in the table specified by the character row vector caption. The input value data is an integer, real, or double-precision matrix, or character row vector specifying the values to place in the table.

The two-element integer row vector cell indicates the starting row and column at which data is to be changed. Table rows are numbered from 1 to m, where m is the number or rows in the table and 1 represents the top row of the table. Table columns are numbered from 1 to n, where n is the number of columns in the table and 1 represents the left most column of the table.

If you enter
     caption      = "My Table"
     geometry     = [100, 100, 200, 130]
     callback     = "delwin(caption);"
     data         = seq(3) * seq(2)'
     columnLabels = novalue
     rowLabels    = novalue
     style        = "normal"
     addtable(caption, geometry, callback, ...
          data, columnLabels, rowLabels, style)
O-Matrix will create the following table window:
If you then enter the command
     data = {7, 8, 9}
     cell = [1, 2]
     setcells(caption, cell, data)
O-Matrix will change the table to look like this
You can delete the table window from its caption bar or by entering